I create works with the theme of reincarnation.I depict a world in which animals and plants that represent the natural world, noise and artifacts that symbolize human society are mixed.

By collaging watercolors, photos, and textures,these expresses that everything’s circulating together in a big tide.

Due to the development of infrastructure in modern society, vast amounts of knowledge, technology and experience are widely transmitted across national borders, and information sharing is accelerting.

At the same time, I feel that too much information is hiding fa cts and undermining the power to think about things.I think that a superficial behavior like scooping an oil slick floating on the water surface will not always reach the essence.

Things are always in flux.The inability to maintain identity also means repeating life and death.

Culture, history and values are born from the background of the land and life.Such collective wisdom cannot be achieved only by death or disappearance, but by being inherited by the next life.

In the information society, shortsighted consumption due to oversupply can only have a onesided diappearance aspect, and does not lead to global creation.I think that death is able to be meaningful because of rebirth and that repetition is salvation.

I think everything is in the process of decline and regeneratio n, and I find value in that process.In a modern society where the true value tends to be hard to see, I create works by thinking about what I need to do.