I create works with the theme of reincarnation.
I depict the world where they are mixed, such as noise and artifacts that symbolize consumer society, and animals and plants reminiscent of nature. Collaging motifs made with watercolors, pictures, textures, etc. expresses how various things collapse, blend, mix and circulate.


Vast knowledge, techniques and experiences seem to be being shared across the border and culture, in the present age where much information flies. However, it can not necessarily arrive at essence only by superficial actions such as scooping oil film floating on the water surface. Would not it be more and more far from the truth to the extent that excessive information is supplied? It seems that the noise envelops the abyss and is undermining the power to contemplate things. Poor consumption will blunt the senses and cloud the brightness of life and death.


I believe that everything lies in the principle of decay and regeneration. Now that the real value is losing sight, it seems that the time has come when we have to weave new myths with our own hands.